Black Girls Guide To Sex.


Black Women Can’t Be Sexual? The Double Standards We Face.
Why black women can’t talk about sex? Sex is a very touchy subject in the black community. Women in general are not allowed to like sex or talk about having sex or wanting sex. Most black women grew up in the church including myself. We were told to always wait until we are married to have sex. Black women can’t be sexual like other races of women because if we are we are the whores, sluts, ratchet, ghetto, and everything under the sun. When girls especially young girls of color come into their sexuality they’re shamed for it. We are called fast and are told to cover up and to dress and act a certain way. Black women can’t wear a nice form fitted dresses because she will be told it’s too sexy because of her curves. How many women have been slut shame on social media because of their natural-born curves? Not too long ago a teacher was slut shamed because of a dress she wore to work. Singers like Beyoncé was slut shamed when her self-titled album Beyoncé came out in 2013. She talked about sex and people lost their god damn minds even though the singer is married with kids it was still taboo for a black woman to talk about having sex when white women like Madonna, and Britney Spears can make an entire career out of singing and selling sex. Once the black community stop being so hush-hush about sex black women can be more accepting about embracing their sexuality. White women have been embracing their sexuality forever it is time for black women to step in their power and stop being ashamed for wanting sex.


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